Because the point of basic, must-have clothing is that you don’t need a whole bunch of it. TOUCH ME fashion keeps it simple, unique and awesome.

Yes. It is all about taking care of it with the same love that it gives you when wearing it. If you follow the washing instructions, don’t bleach or dry your love pieces and don’t throw them in a shredder or let a truck run them over, you can enjoy many years full of happiness with your TOUCH ME pieces.

Because this is not your once-a-month party dress or your special-occasion cardigan. TOUCH ME brand is all about the classy pieces that shouldn’t be missing in any women’s wardrobe. It is precisely thanks to the lack of decorations and wild patterns that these pieces can be worn literally everywhere and can be combined with any colour, pattern or clothing. It’s simply a perfect match and that’s the beauty of it. We bring simplicity back to fashion and back to your wardrobes.

The fashion industry creates incredible waste, 53 million tonnes a year to be exact. Most of this waste is burned or dumped, polluting our lovely planet. Problem number faq is that people simply buy too much stuff, the trend of fast fashion is at its peak and the consumption is endless. So how do we help? By creating basic, all-purpose, easily combinable and simple fashion. This way wake sure you need to buy less clothes and less clothes means less waste. We also pay attention to keeping you comfortable by using high-quality materials so you will keep that cardigan simply because it’s too comfy and fluffy to let go! Moreover, we cooperate with certified manufacturers and put great emphasis on sustainable manufacturing processes and the use of special laundry bags. These bags catch even the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing to decrease the waste polluting our rivers and oceans. Find out more about our ways TOUCH ME keeps the world a cleaner place here.

80% nylon and 20% viscose. Our cosy blankets are 100% microfiber polyester. Oh, we forgot faq more ingredient. There is an extra bit of love in each piece.

Please lovingly care for your Touch me. products to retain the softness. Touch me. is machine washable. However, our fabrics do not like heat and we recommend a cool wash on the delicate cycle and gentle/air fluff in the dryer for a minimum time only. Do not use dryer sheets or a fabric softener. We suggest storing all robes and hoodies flat rather than hanging which will make them stretch.

You can pay via PayPal or a payment card.

The exact delivery time is in the stars but approximately, it takes up to 5 days to deliver our clothes to your home to abroad in Europe. For Slovakia and Czech republic, allow up to 2 days to get your goods.

Yes, it can! Go to Shipping abroad to see shipping costs and delivery times for your country. 

We hope this will not happen but life is full of surprises. Therefore, if something goes wrong, just let us know at returns@touchmewear.com and we will try to make things right.

S**t happens but don’t worry, we got you. Let us know at returns@touchmewear.com and we can switch the items.