Fashion is simply beautiful. We love it, you love it, but! Do you know what happens once you throw away your favourite top because this cut is not trendy anymore or when you get rid of those jeans that felt good in the changing room but turned out to be too skinny and uncomfortable to walk in? Well, this part is not beautiful at all.

An incredible amount of 53 million tonnes of landfill waste is created by the fashion industry every year. What happens with it? Most of it is either dumped or burned. Dumped clothing intoxicates the soil and burning it creates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and global warming so it is not just a few rags lying around, it is a serious issue. Fashion trends change so fast and so do our wardrobes. Now let’s be honest. Who didn’t buy something discounted they wore once or twice and then threw it away? Which one of you hasn’t bought that super edgy t-shirt that ended in trash within a month because it wouldn’t go well with anything? So much variety, so many designers, such low prices. We are lured into buying and consuming without realising how much consumption, waste and burden on the environment there is behind the fashion industry. And that is when touch me. comes in.

touch me. collection has been designed to literally stay with you for years. The simple, yet gorgeous apparel allows you to combine each piece with different styles, shapes, designs and colours so instead of stuffing your wardrobe with ten different sweaters for ten different occasions, our cardigan will do the trick in all cases. Sophisticated colours allow rich combinations and the style will suit everyone’s preferences. Consequently, you will buy less clothing, waste less textiles, make this world a happier place and fashion a greener industry.

Another thing is comfort. When you don’t feel comfortable with something, it will probably not last in your life for long, whether it’s jeans or a boyfriend. touch me. material is extremely cosy, comfortable and pleasing to touch so you will not want to get rid of this one, trust us! Like that favourite sweater you had as a child that you would wear all the time simply because it felt so good and when it was time to say goodbye, it was a sad moment. Well, touch me. is just like that.